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12m 46s
composer: Montserrat Torras performer by: Fromm Players concert: Tanglewood Music Center - Ozawa H...
03m 25s
composer: Eduardo Diago performer by: Manel Porta y Joan Orpella (violines), Bernat Bofarull (viola...
08m 53s
composer: Eduardo Diago performer by: Ala Voronkova (violín 1ro) Guerássim Votonkov (...
09m 40s
composer: Xavier Boliart performer by: Agustín León Ara (violí) Xavier Boliart...
08m 28s
composer: Mariona Vila performer by: Mark Feldmann, violin - Lluís Vidal, piano concert: Te...
01m 13s
compositora: Cruz López de Rego www.cruzlopezderego.accompositors.com
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