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03m 24s
composer: Llorenç Balsach performer by: Maria Lourdes i Lluís Pérez-Molina (pi...
04m 31s
compositor: Oriol Graus concert: "Trànsit entre indrets" MACBA 26-06-2006
03m 07s
composer: Anna Bofill performer by: Jaume Fuster (clarinete) - Gratiniano Murcia (percussió)...
13m 17s
composer: Oriol Graus performer: Pilar Subirà (perc. i electrònica)
03m 17s
composer: Jordi Cervelló performers: Atrium String Quartet www.jordicervello.accompositor...
05m 53s
composer: Anna Bofill performer: Montse Massaguer For the conference cicle “Desire cartographies...
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